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Back side Veneet


Ebony Rosewood

Type: Veneet

Description: Crafted from high-quality Ebony Rosewood, this veneet is meticulously applied to the backside of guitars, providing both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. With its rich, dark tones and distinctive grain patterns, the Ebony Rosewood veneet enhances the overall look and feel of the instrument. Designed for durability and beauty, it offers a touch of elegance to any guitar project.

Oud Pegs

  • Durable and fine workmanship. It is possible to make a guitar of your own.
  • It is one of the first-choice materials for making guitars.
  • The semi-finished guitar body is durable and reusable for a long life. Suitable for DIY lovers, you can make your guitar.
Back side Veneet
  • Wood size: 41-inch 42-inch guitar 5*215*550*2/5*135*840*2
  • Dimensions: 2 x 540/185-195/0,5mm
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Endpin Instock
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Bridgepin Instock
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Guitar fingerboard Instock

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