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Late Samarendra Nath Sarkar

at Frankfurt Musikmesse in 1989

Welcome to Guitar Experts

We carry forward a rich legacy that began with the late Samarendra Nath Sarkar, a visionary and skilled craftsman. In 1983, he laid the foundation of our family’s first workshop, known as SS. Musical Mfg.Co, situated in New Barrackpore. With humble beginnings, comprising just three workers, limited capital, and basic tools, Samarendra embarked on his journey driven by dedication, craftsmanship, and an unwavering determination to succeed. In 1993, upon his untimely demise, his wife, Mrs. Sandhya Sarkar, took upon herself the responsibility of the company.
Through years of unwavering commitment, uncompromising craftsmanship, and sheer devotion, our company evolved into Guitar parts Supplier , a distinguished name in the Indian export markets. We specialize in the manufacturing and exporting of premium Guitar parts and accessories, including Bridge Pin, End Pin, Bone Nut Blank Unbleached, Rosewood Fingerboards and Head Plate Blank, Ebony and Rosewood Back Side Veneet, Ebony Bridge Blank &Picks.
At the heart of our operations is Mr. Partha Sarkar, is the younger son of Samarendra Nath Sarkar and a second-generation entrepreneur. Having completed his degree of Engeneering Partha proudly carries forward his father’s legacy, guided by the principles instilled by his mother. These principles revolve around unmatched product excellence and unwavering business ethics.

Established in 2023, our premium Guitar Parts and Accessories Supplier stands as a testament to the Sarkar family’s commitment to manufacturing genuine wooden fittings for stringed instruments including Guitar. We specialize in crafting Bridge Pin, End Pin, Bone Nut Blank Unbleached, Rosewood Fingerboards and Head Plate Blank, Ebony and Rosewood Backside Veneet, Mahagony and Spalted Mango & Toon Guitar Back Side Veneet, Ebony Bridge Blank and Picks from the finest quality ebony, boxwood, and rosewood. Our attention to detail, precision craftsmanship, and the use of premium materials have earned us a reputation for excellence within the industry.

As we move forward, Guitar parts Supplier remains dedicated to upholding our heritage of excellence and continuing to provide outstanding products to our valued customers. We are committed to meeting the needs of professional guitar players, enthusiasts, music schools, and other clients around the world, ensuring that their instruments are equipped with the finest fittings that enhance both aesthetics and performance.

Thank you for choosing Guitar Experts. We invite you to explore our range of carefully crafted products and experience the legacy of quality and craftsmanship that we proudly offer.

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Late Samarendra Nath Sarkar

( Father ) ( In the Year 1983 )

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Smt. Sandhya Sarkar


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Mr. Satyajit Sarkar


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Music China

Partha Sarkar at Music China in 2019

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Partha Sarkar at Frankfurt Musikmesse in 2018

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