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Ebony Plain Endpin EP 1016

Brand: EP 1016

Description: Elevate your instrument’s performance and aesthetics with the Ebony Plain Endpin EP 1016. Crafted from premium ebony, this endpin offers durability, stability, and a sleek appearance. Enhance your guitar’s resonance and projection while adding a touch of sophistication to your instrument. The Ebony Plain Endpin EP 1016 is designed to fit seamlessly into your guitar, ensuring a secure and reliable connection. Priced at $1.25 each, invest in quality craftsmanship to elevate your musical experience.


  • It fits most acoustic guitar
  • Made of ebony and with a green pearl dot on the head
  • Pre-slotted, Top head size is 12.7mm diameter, bottom size is 6.2mm diameter
  • The overall length is 29mm. The top green pearl dot is 4mm in diameter
  • Package included: 2 Pcs Guitar Endpins
  • Batteries Included ‎No
  • Batteries Required ‎No
  • Includes AC Adapter ‎No
  • Item Weight ‎20 g
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